If you like gross body stuff and cool inventions, you'll love this.

Yesssssss, this is so disgusting and so satisfying! It's also almost TOO perfectly functional. I've never had an ingrown toenail, and doing a Google Image Search hasn't produced any photos that look as neat and simple as this example. Like, if you're going to have an ingrown toenail, this is the best possible one you could have, because it's not infected, or down to the bone, or... I've seen some messed up stuff, guys, all courtesy of Google Image Search.

Unfortunately, that weird little gold screw thing-y is 315 dollars! So they're not for the casual toenail twister. I guess if you're constantly doing at-home medical procedures, it could save you a bundle long term. Invest in your future feet today.

Sources: Japan Trend Shop | h/t BuzzFeed