People confessed their weirdest phobias, proving that fear itself is actually really scary.

People confessed their weirdest phobias, proving that fear itself is actually really scary.

The world is full of things to be afraid of. Spiders. Fire. Tom Hanks’s son. But what about those little things in life? Those things that you and you alone absolutely cannot tolerate or completely freak out about? Everybody has their thing that they find inexplicably and embarrassingly unsettling—and in some recent AskReddit threads, people anonymously shared their weird phobias online.\

Such as this terror straight from the darkest volume of H.P. Lovecraft.

1. User backto1993 is afraid of automated voices. They don’t mean robotic voices. They mean recorded, disembodied voices. Probably not a big proponent of podcasts.

Computer automated voices have creeped me out since I was a kid. Whenever my Grandma bought me a kids story with cassette as a kid, I'd never listen to the story on the cassette as I'd find it really weird listening to automated voices telling a story and it would properly creep me out.

2. Well, laserleopard does have a point. What even are wrists? Are they part of the hand, or are they arm-parts? Pick a side, you weird little bony things.


Wrists. I can't consciously touch or look at my wrists. I think it's more of a general fear of the circulatory system, but it is especially prevalent in my wrists.​

3. This user deleted their name, but we know it's you, Charlie Brown.

I am irrationally afraid of kites. I go into cat mode even now: all systems on alert, ready to hit the deck at the slightest hint of a strong gust of wind. There's just something so unnerving about that thing being so high in the air...

4. This other user with a deleted name gives yet another reason why the Internet is better than print. Not only is it a far more urgent medium, but it doesn’t feel all weird on your fingers.


Newspaper. Honest to god newspaper. Oh, and magazines. The type of material the paper is on freaks me out so much. God forbid my boyfriend try and read the paper at the breakfast table....I have to leave the room. The texture and oh god the smell makes my skin crawl. The thought of it touching my skin has terrified me since I was an infant. I learned to walk because there was newspaper on the coffee table I usually hung onto as a baby when I stood up, and I was having none of that.

5. Absolutely, katbowls12. They’re quite suggestive, and a little presumptuous.


Bananas. They really creep me out.

6. Making people like AlwaysDisposable suddenly allergic to you is just another symptom of being pregnant, like nausea or fatigue.

Pregnant women severely creep me out. I mean like big belly women with a little person squishing around inside them. It creeps me out. I don't think I could ever go through pregnancy. If I decide I want kids I am just going to have to adopt.

7. User carebehr is right. You’re never quite sure when they’re going to pop, or how big it'll be, and then also the fully baked results of the contents never live up to your expectations.


Opening biscuit or croissant tubes! WORST

8. And here’s sunshinelollipops to make heavily processed, dollar store canned meat sound even less appetizing.

I have an aversion to foods that remind me of horrific skin conditions.

The one I'll remember off the top of my head, probably forever, is Corned Beef. I can't stand the way it looks. And, I won't post a picture of the seasonings on top... that's even worse. It gives me goosebumps, and makes me queasy.

Ironically enough, I love the way it tastes


9. This phobia from Dollstace isn’t technically a phobia, because all drains are evil and will suck you down if given half the chance.

I have a phobia of drains in the bottom of swimming pools, i have to check the pool out and where they are to keep away from them if i even get in the pool at all :/

This is the stuff of nightmares.

10. TheFrantz would prefer his own milk even more if he could get it from the cow himself, and sit that cow down for a proper job interview and background check.


I cannot drink milk unless i bought it. If i'm offered a glass at someone else's home i just can't drink it. I have no idea why this is.

11. Well, RaptainBalcony, it’s because that sound is the worst sound in the history of sounds, actually.

I don't know about phobia, but I get really anxious/nervous when someone starts rubbing a balloon. Can't explain why.

12. Poor semi-sweet. This horrible thing happened just once, and now they’re scarred for life.

If I'm by myself, I'm scared to turn around because their might be a human sized cockroach staring back at me.


13. Even Lil’ Sebastian, Nameusedforchat?

Miniature horses.

14. Poor Thesharkins78 never got to spray paint the year of their graduating class on the local water tower, and thus legally did not graduate high school.

Water towers freak me out. I can't look at them. I have no idea why

15. This is just extreme vigilance by degrista against splinters. Splinters kill.

I can't handle touching wooden cooking utensils.... Spoons, rolling pins, whatever. If its not heavily varnished, I will gag.


16. This user deleted their name, which is the opposite of what stickers do to fruit. They won’t go anywhere and leave little glue bits behind, is what we’re saying.

Stickers on fruit. Or stickers in general, but stickers on fruit are definitely the worst ones. I used to cry and dry heave/throw up when one would touch me, but now I just get really bad anxiety.

17. Sucks to be you, allyareyouokay.

Everytime I drink out of a straw I have this awful vision of throwing my head down and the straw going through my eye ball. every.damn.time. Sadly, I drink from a straw almost every day. And I just sit at my desk tense, squinting, and cringing all at the same time. But for some reason, I keep drinking from straws..


18. User pimento_17 is feeling crabby. Perpetually.

I'm terrified of Horse-Shoe Crabs and any crustacean that looks like them. I shudder every time I see a picture of one.

19. Seconded, deleted user name. Seconded.

The WGBH logo. Fuck that thing is scary.