1. Katy Perry

The international pop star has nine #1 hits, which is more than her older sister and younger brother combined. (via Getty)

2. Abraham Lincoln

He was the President of the United States, and some would say the best one in history. Although, what was the point of it, really, because by the election of 1860 his older sister and younger brother had died and he couldn't rub it in. (via The Telegraph)

3. Bill Gates

His younger and older sisters may have established nice lives for themselves, but did they start Microsoft and nearly eradicate malaria, MOM?!? (via Getty)

4. Joaquin Phoenix

After his parents left the religious collective the Children of God, Phoenix changed his first name to Leaf, to go along with his siblings River, Rain, Liberty, and Summer. He later changed it back to Joaquin and now has three Academy Award nominations, two more than older brother River. (via Getty)

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