Josh Sundquist is a Paralympian, author and motivational speaker who lost his leg to cancer when he was nine, but it hasn't held him back from crushing it with brilliantly creative Halloween costumes for the past few years. As he said on Twitter last year:

This year the the 32-year-old kept his Halloween game strong as ever by going as Lumiere, the French candlestick from Beauty and the Beast who always had a certain je ne sais quoi about him if I may say so myself.


And Sundquist definitely did the candlestick justice:

Want to see my #HalloweenCostume? Be my guest

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Sundquist knew he wanted Lumiere to be part of a couple's costume, and he had a very specific person in mind to play his other half:

But instead Sundquist's wife Ashley stepped in, dressing as Belle. She seems okay being second choice after Bernie, because who wouldn't be?


The duo has big plans for Halloween​:

Sundquist said he had been brainstorming the costume for a few months but did not reveal exactly where or how he got the idea to be Lumiere. Maybe he just happened to read this Someecards article? We can't rule it out.


Here's an overview of Sundquist's past costumes:

They're all fantastic, although that iHop might be impossible to top.