The best corporate April Fool's Day Pranks from the only brand you can trust.

The best corporate April Fool's Day Pranks from the only brand you can trust.

April Fool's Day: an annual celebration of whimsy, inconvenience and straight-up confusion. If corporations are people, April 1st is the day on which they show that they are funny people, playing playful pranks on users and fans. Here are businesses' best bits on April Fool's Day, many of which you'll wish were real. 

1. Google Cardboard Plastic

"What's realer than real? Nothing."

Google showed an impressive capacity for self-parody when they lampooned the hype around virtual reality.

2. Timehop Future

The app that shows your past social media posts snuck in glimpses at your future, predicting a dystopian society of more Bieber and even more Fast and the Furious movies. 


3. Whole Foods Main Squeeze

Even better than!

Whole Foods pranked the health-conscious bourgeoisie with a pop-up on their website that they are launching a dating app. It's hard for singles with an appetite for $80 kumquats to find each other, so it's a shame that the Main Squeeze app is merely a prank.

4. Virgin Australia Kids Class

A special "kids class" on planes would be a dream come true for both children and adults, and it's a shame that it's a joke. Virgin Australia created an adorable video pitching a dream cabin for kids, featuring hopscotch rugs, seats for kickers, and a specialized menu of Teddy Bears. Alas, it's too good to be true. 


5. Spotify's Rickroll

 The music streaming service went for the old classic Rickroll meme, never giving you up or letting you down.

6. The Cornish Guardian's Shig

The paper of Cornwall, England, played with our hearts with a Photoshop rendering of the most adorable pet possible.

7. The French Police's Sniffer Cat


Cats fighting crime ended up being as real as Catwoman. Meanwhile, in the UK, police cats are a real possibility.

8. CornHub

PornHub replaced everything on their front page with the sweet, phallic vegetable.

It's hard to come up with a cornier joke than Pornhub changing their name to Cornhub for the day. Is it weird that we're turned on?

9. Groovy Maps

It's analog Google maps. So, maps.


10. OpenTable Taste

The restaurant app "launched" "lickable photos" to let you "taste" what's on the menu before you make a reservation. It would also make for a great low-calorie diet.

11. Gmail Mic Drop

A feature that would let Gmail users "drop the mic" and leave the email thread has already been dropped itself. A spokesperson has already issued the statement, “Due to a bug, the Mic Drop feature inadvertently caused more headaches than laughs. We’re truly sorry. The feature has been turned off.”


12. BBC Store Video

Joke's on them, because soon hipsters will be all about VHS tapes and real, live video stores.

13. Google Self-Driving Bike

Wow, imagine a vehicle that didn't require physical effort by humans to move. 

14. PETA's Penis Panic


For April Fool's—and also as a potential incentive to stop killing animals and eating them—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals decided to hit carnivores where it hurts. While it's gross to think about baby penises, PETA said that eating chicken can make your baby son's dick remain a babydick. Ha ha?

15. YouTube SnoopaVision

"The ability to watch every video in 360 with Snoop Dogg" would make a better 4/20 prank.


16. Imgur for Pets

Did you know that when your cat is resting on your keyboard, he’s really just trying to navigate to sweet laser pointer GIFs? Or that when your beloved pup is jumping on your leg, she's really begging you to show them hilarious fails and interesting DIY projects? We as humans love to shower our furry friends with love and treats. Then we love to go on Imgur and laugh or squee at images of other people’s animals doing hilarious & adorable things, while our own pets sit idly by. Well, with the exciting release of our latest feature, the tables have turned. Now your pets can share in the joy of Imgur -- with Imgur for Pets! Ok, human. Here's how it works. Hand your favorite Imgur browsing device to your furry friend and direct them to the Imgur for Pets topic (APP USERS: tap on the topic dropdown at the top of the main grid view, DESKTOP USERS: click this DO IT NOW.

"Imgur for Pets" flips the script on viral images, putting humans in roles usually played by animals, like memes and reaction GIFs:

Such human. Much wow. 

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone. Be careful out there.

17. Quilted Northern® Rustic Weave

Introducing Quilted Northern® Rustic Weave. Artisanal toilet paper inspired by a simpler time.

Posted by Quilted Northern on Friday, April 1, 2016

This one hurts just thinking about it. Charming, woodchip-infused toilet paper that'll make for a literal pain in the ass. There are likely some hipsters out there disappointed in its prankness.