There's a retailer in the U.K. called Argos, and if you ever buy anything there, it probably shouldn't be a Christmas tree.

A mom named Zoe McAllister couldn't wait to provide her 11-month-old daughter with a picturesque first Christmas, but the tree she bought wasn't quite bursting with elven magic/Christmas cheer/Santa's merry laugh.

It was more a reject tree of pure sadness and false advertising.

EXPECTATIONS VS. REALITY!! I actually laughed at this 'tree' for about 15 minutes. Looks like I'm off to buy a new tree at the weekend 😂😂😂 Tasha Whyte Andrew Mcallister

Posted by Zoe McAllister on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

To be fair, this tree deserves a happy Christmas, as well. But not at McAllister's house. It deserves a merry holiday with its own family of misshapen, poorly realized plastic things hastily shoved in cardboard boxes.

Of course, the tree looked great on the box. So McAllister got in touch with Argos, writing: "I purchased the tree on the left from one of your stores. As you can see from my picture on the right it looks NOTHING like the advertisement on the box."

"I have a feeling half of my tree has been left in the factory?"


She also nailed the pun: "No amount of sprucing can fix this."

Boom, bang, give her a refund.

Argos has done so, saying "As soon as we became of this issue we contacted Miss McAllister and offered her a full refund and a gesture of good will, which she has gladly accepted."