Some might see a half-inch of sheet ice covering the frozen streets and think "life is a waking nightmare and I'm never leaving the house again!!!" But not these stoic Canadians from the city of Ottawa, Ontario. Over the holiday weekend, freezing rain turned the streets to ice, making driving impossible. So some bold young souls strapped on their ice skates and turned the streets into an ice skating rink.

We can all learn from these Canadians.

Like this girl, who is having the time of her life (and is also polite to her mother!):


And this guy, who has a sense of humor about the whole thing:

This guy is prepping for the next winter Olympics:


And this guy's go-with-the-flow attitude is as Canadian as it gets:

This might make you revisit the idea of moving to Canada in the coming years, in spite of the cold weather. Because who needs to drive anywhere when you have ice skates and the most chill neighbors ever?

Cheers to Canada!