Baby, it's cold outside! So warm up—or try to, anyway—by laughing at these dirty jokes all about winter. They're filthier than the sidewalk sludge you trudge through on your way to work on winter mornings and slightly more funny. If you like these dirty winter jokes, you'll love our dirty Christmas jokes.

1. Why did the downhill skier take off all his clothes?

Because he wanted to get windblown.

2. Where do snowmen go to donate their sperm?

The snowbank.

3. Why was the snowman so brave?

Because he had big snow balls.


4. Two snowmen walk into a bar.

They melt.

You laughed, admit it.
You laughed, admit it.

5. Why are female snowmen so bad at giving blowjobs?

Because they have frostbite.

6. Why was the snowman so insecure?

Because he had a tiny carrot.

7. Why did the little old lady make her husband shovel the driveway?

She thought she heard him begging for a snow job.

8. What is it called when a snowman orgasms?


Snow sexy.
Snow sexy.

9. What do you call a snowman orgy?

A snowball fight.

10. Why did the female snowman delete Tinder?

She was getting too many snow cone pics.

11. How did the snowman lose his head?

Someone sat on his face.

12. What is a snowman's least favorite yoga position?

Downward-facing dog pee.

13. Why did the lady snowman divorce her husband?

She found out he was going to a snow blower.


14. Why did the snowman's daughter become a stripper?

Because he was so cold to her.

15. What is a snowman's favorite sex position?

Sled doggy-style.