31 parents who did family Halloween costumes right.

31 parents who did family Halloween costumes right.

These family Halloween costumes are a testament to awesome parenting. Sure, having young kids means selflessness, hard work, and responsibility, but it also means getting letting your imagination run wild during the only point in your life when your kids will willingly coordinate outfits with you. Let's take a moment to honor the second round of parents who wouldn't settle for throwing an M&M outfit on their kid and calling it a day.

1. These 'Breaking Bad'-ers. 

They are the ones who knock. Unless the little guy is sleeping.

2. These 'Wreck-It Ralph'-ers.

If you can't tell by the picture, this was definitely the dad's idea.

3. These 'Labyrinth' fans.

Points for doing this. And points for know what 'Labyrinth' is.

4. This Rapunzel and tower.

The Halloween pics have started coming in and we LOVE this one! AC says the homemade costume features him and his...

Posted by KITV on Monday, October 26, 2015

5. This biker chick, whose dad builds costumes around her wheelchair

*heavy metal music*

6. These 'Doctor Who' fans.

7. These Robin Williams devotees.


8. These Minecrafters.

9. This Pokéfamily.

10. These Batman fans.


11. This fairy tale duo.

12. This Ghostbuster and marshmallow man.

13. These 'Adventure Time' Fans.


14. This Super Mario Family.

15. These Dora fans.

16. These bad influences.


17. These 'Finding Nemo' fans.

18. This group of unlikely friends.

19. This other Pokéfamily.


20. This nightmare family.

21. This visual representation of motherhood fears.

22. These X-Filers.


23. These Rugrats.

24. This shark attack.

25. These Adamses.


26. This Ripley.

27. This mythical unifamily.

28. These 'Star Wars' fans.


29. These 'roos.

30. These Avengers.

31. These Flinstoners.