13 times Take Your Child to Work Day had disastrous, unexpected, or adorable results.

13 times Take Your Child to Work Day had disastrous, unexpected, or adorable results.

On April 28, you may feel like your office has finally gone too far with hiring young people as you watch a toddler waddle by. Alas, that kid isn't an elementary school dropout and a future Mark Zuckerberg—it's Take Your Kid to Work Day. Also known as Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day if you have the time to spit out the lengthy name. If you're not busy running after a small child, spend a moment appreciating 15 kids who did this day right. No clean up involved!

1. It's Take Your Kid to Work Day, not Put Your Kid To Work Day.

Douglas is at work with his aunt @deannajaye and his cousin Ian! #takeyourkidtoworkday

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2. A familiar scene for many on this day.

3. Some kids aren't content to sit loudly in the corner.

4. It's not only the kids who get to enjoy snacks on this holiday.

5. After spilling water, these kids left an even bigger mess to clean up. Thoughtful.


6. Whiteboards are a good opportunity to share one's beliefs about aliens.

7. Do adults get nap time on this holiday, too?

8. This kid is ready for the job.

Take your superhero to work day. #thefuture #takeyourkidtoworkday

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9. Bless whoever allowed a small child to hold a dental contraption in their mouth.

#takeyourkidtoworkday #dentalhygienist #awesomeassistant #love #grandmaisthebest #patient

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10. Adults have this same thought.

11. This kid has a very busy day. Do not interrupt him.

12. It opens up a whole new world of cute people, for the older children.

13. What kids want this day to be like:


What it's really like:

Making some phone calls at the office #takeyourkidtoworkday

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Just kidding, no one talks on the phone anymore at work. It's so old-fashioned.