Since spooky things go down at night and work in general is a living nightmare, working the graveyard shift results in some seriously spooktacular happenings. Night workers recently haunted Reddit to share some of the weirdest things that ever happened to them while on the clock, so turn the lights off and settle in for some scary stories.


1. While working at a dollar store hairydoglady heard a creepy voice…a creepy voice in search of value.


I worked at a dollar store out of the rural area of town (literally the only store within ten miles, and only cows and a few houses around). I went to the back to put a cart full of cardboard by the dumpsters for pick up, and to take a smoke break. There's bright lights in the parking lot, but behind the store, their blocked off. I kept hearing crunching foot steps in the field, but assumed they were cows. When I opened the door to go inside I heard a very quiet faraway voice ask, "where are you going?" I thought it was my manager and brushed it off. But when I noticed she wasn't in the back room, or by the back room door, I kinda became scared. I grew cold at the fact she was counting cash drawers in the office on the other side of the store, where she was before I left...


2. TonyDanzer just had to go and anger the angry spirits.

I was training a new worker, and we got to joking about how you could make a decent horror movie set in our store during the overnight shift. We were getting really into it, coming up with all of these different concepts

And then the power went out.

3. So amblandsdriver met a zombie-maker.

I'm an EMT, this happened maybe 5 years ago when I was 19 and had just started working the streets. Partner and I are posted up around 0200 when this homeless looking guy walks up to my side of the truck. I turned the cab lights on to get a good look at him and rolled down the window a bit to see what he wants. Looks like your typical homeless man but has only one eye, it was grey and cloudy like a blind man's but it was fixed on me like he could see. He says to me "you ever see a dead man get up out the grave?". I tell him no and he says "'cause I see 'em every night" then walks away while doing this really creepy maniacal sort of cackle. Somehow my partner slept through all of this so I wake him up freaked the fuck out and we go and post somewhere else. My partner seemed a little creeped out as well but said the full moon usually brings out the weirdos and that we were maybe 10 blocks from a cemetery believed to be haunted. Maybe not the creepiest, but it still kept me up the rest of my shift and for the next couple after it.

It was near Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee if anyone was wondering. Really creepy place but worth checking out if you're into that kind of thing.


4. Yeah, baconswife, but what job doesn't involve the occasional wall of blood?

Late to the party so this probably won't be seen but I was working at a hotel doing my 2 a.m. rounds and went to the back stairwell which is indoors and started going up it. Part way up was a huge chunk of long blonde hair but not messy at all like it had been ripped out, more like it was neatly cut and gently placed, got to the top of the stairs and next to the door was a bloody handprint. Just past the door in the hallway was a bloody smear down the wall. Got the hell out of there and called my manager who lived on site and we went to check it out and the hair was gone and so was most of the blood. Talked to a couple of our guests who had stayed their for months for work and they hadn't heard anything. We never did find out what happened.


5. Be like mr-pauciloquent and don't believe anything unless you see it on the TV.

I was graveyard security at an office building. I had just finished patrolling the upper levels of the parking garage and made it to the ground level when I suddenly felt very cold. It was a relatively warm night and there was no breeze, but I didn't think much of it until I saw what appeared to be a shadowy figure across the way near the bike cage.

I immediately ended my patrol and went inside the building called up my co-worker who provided security at the sister building across the street and we both reviewed the tape on CCTV. For the next five hours, we watched as a clear-as-day shadowy figure walked about fifteen feet away from me, paused briefly as I came into frame and noticed it, and then it simply walked away.

No more patrols were conducted that night.


6. PrincessShelbyy got a call… a call from beyond the graaaaaaave!

I am a nurse in a nursing home and I was working 10p-6a and this one particularly feisty old lady would always tell me that she hated me and was going to haunt me. Well for an entire week after she died her call light kept going off when the room was unoccupied. Freaked me the fuck out. It had never done it before and had no signs of being tampered with.


7. A totally formidulosus story from gryffindorscasper.

I work third shift in the ER (7p-7a). It was shift 3/3 and I was in the psych unit of the ER tonight watching cameras to make sure the patients didn't hurt themselves. In one room myself and my two co workers kept seeing these light orbs flying around the room. We laughed it off and went about the evening. A few hours later the patient in that room sat straight up. We saw her mouth moving so we turned on the audio. She was a Caucasian female with a thick country accent who had begun to speak the clearest Latin I'd ever heard. We all felt like she was speaking in tongues, but we tried to chalk it up to us being tired and over reacting. The patient then started to speak in different voices. One of which was a deep almost demonic like growl. She started twisted her body in weird ways for a good 5 minutes all while switching between languages and voices. After that she fell back into bed and went to sleep. We swear we saw a light orb fly out of the room and the rest of the night continued as normally as any night in the ER could.


8. If you were already afraid of jail, Deckedline8095 would like to point out that jail is also a place where there are spooky ghosts.

I work for my local Sheriffs Office on the night shift(10pm-6am) at the county jail. I've only been there for a little over a year but I've definitely seen some weird stuff that I can't quite explain. I'll try to give you a few stories.

My partner was coming around with me while we did a visual check of the unit. We started off on the lower tier and working our way around when about a quarter of the way through I catch something out of the corner of my eye on the upper tier of the unit, when I stopped to turn and look I see a black figure that's vaguely in the shape of a person just standing there and it looks like it's staring right at me. I grabbed my partner and just pointed he definitely saw it too because he turned the palest color I've ever seen and we just stood there frozen for what felt like an eternity before whatever that thing was seemed to melt back into the shadows. Needless to say we had our flashlights on for the rest of that night.


9. Not all ghosts are fun like Beetlejuice or Hamlet's dad. User shodu says they'll kill you.

Working in a hospital, quite a few weird things happen.

We had a patient on the ward which was in the dieing process. She used the emergency bell (not sure what the correct english term is, but that thing patients use when they need something). So I go to her room and the patient asks me "Why is that dark guy standing over there?" - but there was no one to be seen. So I tried to tell her and she was ok with it.

An hour later she rang again, I'm going to her room and she again asks "why is that guy standing over there", pointing into the nothingness. That happened a few times but there never was anyone and noone could have entered the ward without me knowing (nor any other patient going to the room without noticing). At the end of the night I found her dead.


10. SilentRansom says children's voices are even creepier at night than they are during the day.

I work for a hotel. I'm actually here right now.

So the creepiest thing that has happened to me was only a few weeks ago.

I'm sitting at the front desk, I'm all alone here. No other employees, it's very late and no guests are up and about.

I kept hearing childrens voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying or anything, but it sounded like they were coming from down the hall. Every time I would go down there to check it out, they would stop. I checkedeverywhere from the pool to the gym, to putting my ear on doors. Nothing. But as soon as I'd walk away, they'd start again. Eventually I got freaked out enough to just say screw it and I went back to my desk.

After that, the voices stopped, but the shadows began.


11. Not_Joshy just blows up the drama like it were a balloon.

I swear this is true, just happened a few months ago. I was sitting out in my truck in the parking lot eating lunch around 1 am. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted some kind of creature walking along the highway service road alongside our building. Not uncommon to see coyotes, raccoons, cats, or other critters since we were near a big wooded area.

But this thing was 2-3 feet tall walking upright. Well not really walking, so much as sort of levitating along slowly. It was pretty dark out, but I could just faintly see this thing making its way on down the road. Really kind of freaking me out because I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing. Fumbled my camera out but couldn't get a good picture of it since my flash was useless. Pulled out my pocket flashlight but still couldn't quite make out WTF it was. Seriously, my heart was racing because I was certain this was a legit cryptozooilogical encounter!

Then I had the bright idea (heh) to turn on my headlights since I was sitting in my truck facing this thing. Lit that bastard up and had a brief moment of confusion followed by relief it wasn't Chupacabra followed by laughter.

Turns out it was one those floaty Chucky Cheese helium balloons with arms and legs that hovered slightly along the ground. Damn thing had somehow lost its head, but must've gotten loose from some kid at the Chucky Cheese about a half mile down the road.


12. Holla_Poop_Dolla gives us the scariest elevator story since David S. Pumpkins.

I was riding the elevator to a different floor but instead of going to that floor it went straight into the basement. The doors open and they are open for maybe ten seconds or so and I can't see anything in this room. All of the sudden a dark figure starts walking towards the elevator and I freaked the fuck out. I hit the doors to close and the figure just kept getting closer. I ended up standing outside of the building for a half hour or so while the police searched the basement. What really freaked me out is that the one entrance into the basement was locked and barred and they didn't find anyone down there after searching everywhere.


13. This story from VenBede shows us that the true horror is unemployment.

I used to work third shift at a factory. The place was non-smoking but me and the other supervisors let folks smoke on the loading dock on third shift as long as they picked up after themselves.

Had some unexpected downtime so everyone headed out to the dock. Talking, laughing, waiting. All of the sudden this dude appears from the darkness wearing a full fucking suit.

Now, to put this into perspective...there isn't anything around us. It's an industrial park. And there are only a few places that even have a third shift nearby. And none of them are adjacent to our facility. And he didn't approach from the direction of the parking lot. It was like he came out of the woodsy patch that separated us from the electronics factory.

He says "Excuse me, I just want to know if you guys are hiring."

"Uhh, yeah, what kind of job are you looking for?"

He just shrugs. "Doesn't matter." I tell him to contact HR. Phone number is on the front sign. He thanks me and then walks back into the darkness and we can hear him as he's crunching through dried leaves as he disappears into the patch of woods.

It was 3 a.m.


14. This story from Hacdeldama includes the two spookiest things in the world: a mortuary and a mannequin.

One of my duties at the mortuary I worked for was nighttime body removals. One night, my partner and I showed up around 2am to grab the paperwork for our removal. When we got inside, we both got the feeling like there was someone there, so we walked through the building, checking to make sure everything was secure, and closing all of the doors. This included the casket room. Everyone hated the casket room. It was freezing cold year round, the lights were always uncomfortably dim no matter what maintenance did to try to fix them, and there was this manniquin in the corner in full military dress that just felt wrong. The only people who weren't bothered by the room was the cemetery sales staff, and that's only because they had no souls.

So my partner and I don't find anyone, so we lock everything up and head out. We get back an hour later, get our new guest logged in, and decide to get a cup of coffee before leaving. He and I walk toward the kitchen, only to find the casket room door open about three feet. It's almost pitch black in there, and I can barely make out the red in the manniquin's uniform. It shouldn't be that close to the door. My partner and I froze for a second, then I grabbed his wrist and we backed up into the kitchen and straight out the back door. It honestly felt like if we had gotten too close to the casket room door something bad would have happened.


15. How much terror is there in this story from flosiraptor? Nun.

When I was 18, I briefly worked nights as a care assistant in a nursing home. The building was a very old ex-convent and was pretty spooky at the best of times. There were three floors but I was only ever working on the ground and first floors. One day about two weeks in I was sent up to the top floor to get something. It was my first time up there and, for the first time, it occurred to me how odd it was that I'd never worked up there before, or seen any patients who lived up there.

So I'm walking along the main corridor, which is pretty narrow and twisty. Being a night shift, we keep the lights on emergency settings (very dim and on motion sensors) so that the residents can sleep. Suddenly, at the other end of the corridor I see this dark shape. It looked like the grim reaper, with the dark cowl and long robes, and was even holding what appeared to be some kind of scythe. And it was moving slowly toward me. I knew it wasn't a resident as most of our residents were not ambulatory, and I was pretty sure none of them dressed in dark robes! So I did the logical thing; I turned without even thinking about it and sprinted back down to the first floor where I managed to convey through panicky gestures that there was some kind of terrifying monster on the top floor. After about five minutes my co-workers stopped cracking up and explained my mistake to me.

You know how I mentioned that the home used to be a convent? Well apparently part of the deal was that the remaining nuns, who were all pretty old by now, got to continue living on the top floor (without nursing care) and use the facilities of the home, like cooked meals. And not a single person had thought to mention this to me. If I'd worked days, I would have seen them up and about but the 8pm - 6am night shift at a nursing home is pretty quiet

The shape I had seen was actually an elderly nun, in robes and a headcovering (wimple?), with a crutch (NOT a scythe), heading down the corridor to their little chapel as she couldn't sleep. And not, as I had for some reason assumed, the grim reaper here to collect one of our residents. I switched off night shifts soon after that.


16. Alright, no sleep for anybody ever again thanks to throw_away_loompa.

I work in a specific field of work, monitoring all types of radio channels, computer systems, imaging softwares. Creepiest, is the voice and crying of a little kid coming over the radio saying "Help! Is anyone out there?sobbing" Then absolutely nothing after that