15 Halloween Pinterest treats that went scarily wrong.

15 Halloween Pinterest treats that went scarily wrong.

When you're on Pinterest, it all seems so simple. You'll whip up some amazing Halloween treats with barely any effort, and when your friends see the spook-tacular magic you've created, they'll start chanting your name, while Martha Stewart cries in the corner like the failure she is. Is that too much to ask? Yes, yes it is. This is hard stuff. So don't feel bad if your pumpkin cookies come out looking like a demon-nightmare from hell (but you know, not in a good way.)  Here are some of the funniest Halloween fails to make you feel like a champ this Halloween. 

1. Dracula Cookies

Fangs for trying, but no.


2. Spider Cookies

Oh good, something even scarier than spiders. 


3. Strawberry Ghosts

Eh, no one wants fruit on Halloween anyway.

4. Pumpkin Pretzels 

5. Mummy Dogs

Well, it DOES look like it came out of a crypt.

6. Painted Pumpkins

I see why they won't let you use a knife.

7. Ghost Bananas

Scariest ghosts ever.

8. Baby's First Halloween


9. Skeleton bread

I actually prefer my men a little more buff.

10. Chocolate Bats

"Expectations vs reality." —@ineedjules #WomenIRL #HalloweenIRL #PinterestFail

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11. Rice Crispy Pumpkins

Throw these at your neighbor's house.

12. Chickenwire Ghost

You will still get boo'd.

13. Candy Corn Manicure

Should keep you from biting your nails at least.

14. Witches Finger Cookies

Nailed it!!! 😂😂😂😂😩😩😩😜😜😳😳👍🏼 #pinterestfail #oops #notworking @hairbykatey_

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15. Werewolf Jack-O-Lantern

Werewolf? Sorry, not there wolf.