22 ugly Christmas sweaters that sum up the ugliness that was 2016.

22 ugly Christmas sweaters that sum up the ugliness that was 2016.

The year 2016 has been obnoxious, frustrating and fragile, like an Ugly Christmas Sweater. The ugly sweater industry makes topical tops every season to recap the year and show what memes look like IRL.

Behold, 2016's vast ugliness in a series of sweaters as ugly as the year's events.

1. The Make Christmas Great Again sweater, $49.95

I wouldn't sit on Trump Claus's lap if I were you.

2. The Ken Bone red sweater sweater, $49.95

I'm undecided on this one.

3. Oh no. It's an Elf Lives Matter sweater, $49.95

The most efficient way to show everyone at the party that you're awful.

4. The Don't Tread on Me sweater, $49.95


Put the "bright" in "Breitbart."

5. The Santa doing CrossFit sweater, $49.95

The first rule of CrossFit is that you don't not talk about CrossFit.

6. The dead horse-beating Hillary's emails sweater, $49.95


Dear lord this is just mean now.

7. The Mean Mr. Trump sweater, $26.99


If only his heart—and his hands—would grow three sizes.

8. The Dabbing Santa Sweater, $26.99

Yes, that was indeed a thing this year.

9. The Evil Kermit sweater, $32

Me: This is a cool sweater but $32 is a lot for a meme.

Me to me: It's only $32.


10. The Crying Jordan sweater, $19.95

You'll match your sweater when mom and dad fight.

11. The Stranger demagorgon sweater, $19.95


Your Christmas Tree can communicate with the Upside Down.

12. The Barb sweater, $49.95


Forever in the Upside Down and on this sweater.

13. The Fourth Day of Trumpmas sweater, $28.34


14. The Formation sweater, $19.99

Okay ladies.

15. The Lorelai Gilmore sweater, $30


Looks great with coffee in hand.

16. The obligatory Harambe sweater, $49.95

Of course.

17. And another Harambe sweater, $24.95


18. And another Harambe sweater, $30



19. And another Harambe sweater, $19.99


What is dead may never die.

20. And another Harambe sweater, $16.95


This one

21. A Dicks Out for Harambe sweater, $9.99


A twist on a new classic.

22. A *GIFTS* out for Harambe sweater, $9.99


A more PG take.