Happy Halloween, internet! Here's some good news for you: you probably won't die from eating too much candy tonight.

According to the American Chemical Society, to give yourself a 50-50 shot of ingesting a lethal amount of candy, you'd have to consume 13.5 grams of sugar for each pound of your body weight all in one sitting.

For the average American man weighing in at 195.5 pounds, that's 2,640 grams of sugar, AKA 155 "fun size" Snickers or 102 "fun size" bags of M&Ms. The ladies, who have an average body weight of about 166.2 pounds, would have to consume 2,250 grams of sugar to have an equal chance of living or dying from too much candy. That adds up to 214 individual Reese's peanut butter cups or 1,527 pieces of candy corn.


That means that no matter how much Halloween candy you consume over the next couple days, it's highly unlikely that you'd be able to eat enough to kill you in one sitting. It would be extremely difficult to do so (and honestly, a little impressive.)

So what we're hearing is it's totally okay to go to CVS tomorrow, take advantage of the after-Halloween candy sales and eat a bunch of Kit-Kats while you sit in bed and watch Love Actually. (Yeah, yeah, we know. "You can't watch Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving!!!" Who are you kidding?)


Thanks, science!

Sources: LA Times