15 last-minute Halloween costumes that look way less half-assed than they are.

15 last-minute Halloween costumes that look way less half-assed than they are.

You can either work for weeks making your Halloween costume, or you can be the person who shows up for the Halloween party in one of those dreadful "This is my costume" T-shirts. There's got to be a better way! Here are some funny and clever costumes you can throw together the day or night before with only your favorite kind of effort: minimal.

1. 50 shades of bad puns.

Your mom will think is is both clever and sexy.

2. When it's time to Halloween party, we will Halloween party hard!

All you need for Andrew W.K. is white pants, a white T-shirt, and fake blood. Or real blood if you want to be authentic.

3. Hey, boo, you're a sexy ghost.

Damn, ghoul, you look spooktacular.

4. Hidely-ho, Halloween-o!

Add a ski suit to be Stupid Sexy Flanders.

5. It's all good in (Mister Rogers' Neighbor)'Hood.

If you don't have a red sweater, you can wear any other color and be "Grandpa."

6. Be the Old Spice guy and show off those abs, bro.

Or you could just wear some Old Spice and be "Grandpa."

7. Step one: cut a hole in the box.

And step two is "put on a suit" and you're basically done.

8. Cat ears + "Stevens" = Cat Stevens.

Singer of "Tea for the Tillermeow" and "Teaser and the Firecat."

9. To counter the three dozen Walt and Jesses at your Halloween party.

10. Your costume can "milk" a controversy.

He's "Lactose intolerance." 

11. Nemo's Halloween nightmare.

Next year take Darla's headgear and go as

12. Saw this on FakeBlock.

13. A teenage werewolf from the movie Teenage Werewolf.

An old letterman jacket and a werewolf mask = Teen Wolf.

14. So little effort even a grumpy cat could do it.

You can be a meme now, Grumpy Human.

15. We can do it (with basically a bandana and a shirt)!