In a real-life heartwarming Hallmark movie, Twitter rallied around the true meaning of Christmas to lift the spirits of a mom/mum who didn't make any sales at a craft fair.

Last Thursday, Martyn Hett got a text from his mom, Figen, that after a long day at a Christmas craft fair in Manchester, she didn't make any sales. It's the nightmare of every artisan.

After breaking his follower's hearts with the story, Hett tweeted out a link to his mum's online Depop shop where they could buy the goods online, and Twitter was climbing on board.


Hett's friend Liam fell in love with Flora the Glove Monster, and he started making sales.

Mum was adorable and very, very moved.


And the sales kept coming in.

Hett told Metro how disheartening it was for his mum not to have made any sales at the fair, "especially as it was handmade and she’d put a lot of work into it."

“She sews and knits for therapeutic reasons," he said, "She’s a counsellor and she believes that being creative is good for the soul – it’s advice she often gives her clients."


The teddies were quickly shipped, and the customers are excited and satisfied.

Mum is now a full-on entrepreneur, going global and vigorously knitting to meet demand.


She's taking her newfound viral fame very, very seriously.

If you're hoping to get an imperfect heart or a teddy from Santa, best of luck, because they're all now officially sold out!


It's stories like the previously broken dreams of Craft Mum and the disappointment of the burger-cooking Pawpaw that make the internet's hearts grow three sizes.