The holidays can be rough for military families who have loved ones overseas. One mom in Colorado got a little creative to ensure that her deployed husband wasn't left out of the family holiday card.

According to Inside Edition, Ashley Sistrunk was inspired by a post she saw on Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest) to create a family Christmas card photo that included her, her four children, and her husband Sgt. Brandon Sistrunk, who is currently stationed in Iraq.


She had Brandon take a picture holding a sign from his base, while she held up the other end in her photo. Together the signs read "Merry Christmas." Then Ashley enlisted the help of a friend who photoshopped the two together to complete the family's holiday greeting.

They even somehow managed a kissing pose. I'm both impressed at how well they were able to line the photos up and overwhelmed by how adorable it is.

This one is more "us". Merry Christmas, from our family to yours! #deployment #deploymentchristmas #christmas

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Ashley said she hoped her photos would inspire other military spouses and "let them know that they aren't alone in this."

If that wasn't enough awesome for you, here are some truly stellar behind-the-scenes pics of Sgt. Brandon posing for the kissy photos. He's a natural.

Brandon will miss the holidays, but he's set to come home in January. Here's hoping he also gets photoshopped into Christmas morning around the tree.