Montreal's annual Christmas tree is lifting a lot of spirits this year, just not exactly as intended. The city had reportedly hoped to put up the tallest tree in North America, a title long held by the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in NYC. They did not quite succeed. But their 70-foot fir tree has sure made a strong impression. Can you see why?

Il est pas pire je trouve #sapinmtl

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As one Montreal resident told the National Post: "It is not beautiful. There is not even a head at the top." To add insult to injury, the scrawny, phallic tree has been decorated exclusively with red logos from a Canadian tire company.


People can't stop making fun of it on Twitter:


Great question, Natalia.

One resident came to the tree's defense, telling the Post it's not size that matters: "It’s maybe not the quantity but the quality that’s important," she said.


The tree has responded to all the attention with its own Twitter account. And it seems pretty laissez-faire about all the ridicule. It is French-Canadian after all.

It even tweeted this confident little quiz:

Translation: "I'm still the most beautiful ugly tree, right? Yes?"


This tree DGAF. We should all be this tree.

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