14 offensive ugly sweaters that celebrate the exact opposite of the Christmas spirit.

14 offensive ugly sweaters that celebrate the exact opposite of the Christmas spirit.

If you're wondering why your coworkers' sweaters are even uglier than usual today, that's because it's Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! The Christmas sweater is as much a part of the holidays as family fights, pine trees, and catchy tunes, but not all Ugly Christmas Sweaters are created equally ugly. Whether it's gross imagery, making light of serious mental illness, or perpetuating anti-Semitic stereotypes, these Christmas (and Hanukkah) sweaters might just ruin the holidays.

1. The "Dumb Pun on a Serious Mental Illness" Sweater.

Is this OCD in the DSM?

2. The "Baby Jesus Being Pepper-Sprayed" Sweater.

Better than roasting on an open fire, though.

3. The "Pun on the Stereotype That Jewish Girls Are High-Maintenance" Sweater.

Jewish girls be shoppin' for everything other than this.

4. The "Santa Would Never Cheat on Mrs. Claus!!!" Sweater.

The model seems to like it, though.

5. The "Pole Pun" Sweater.

Her legs must be frostbitten.

6. The "Nutcracker Pun That Won't Get You Laid" Sweater.

Deez Nuts 2016!

7. The "What If Testicles Were Bells?" Sweater.

Everyone can hear you coming.

8. The "Equality of the Sexes Means Both Boobs Jokes and Balls Jokes" Sweater.

There are stretch marks on that pun, too.

9. The "If You Have to Put It on a Sweater, It's Probably Not True" Sweater.

That's not the body part leading Santa's sleigh.

10. The "Reindeer Threesome Orgy" Sweater.


11. The "Blowjob From Santa" Sweater.

Is that naughty or nice?

12. The "Please Don't Bring Elvis Into This" Sweater.

Then a blue balls Christmas it is.

13. The "That's a Misuse of the Apostrophe" Sweater.

More than 3? Congrats, man.

14. The "Full Bush" Sweater.

Gingerbread women usually wax.