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What is Pack Rat Day?

What is Pack Rat Day?

National Pack Rat Day is celebrated every year on May 17. It encourages people to do some late spring cleaning and make space for newer, more useful things in their lives. Pack Rat Day also encourages us to look at ourselves and see if we have "pack rat" tendencies, meaning we hold on to, collect, or hoard unneeded items. You may realize you have developed problems due to compulsive hoarding such as a cluttered home, yard, or car.

How to Observe National Pack Rat Day

  • Take a look around and start cleaning out unneeded items. If you need to, call a friend to help you get started. Once you start clearing things out, you'll feel good about what you've accomplished!
  • Throw away or donate anything you haven't used for over 6 months - whether it it's baseball cards, vintage chocolate wrappers, or old cars. Pack Rat Day is a reminder that there's a fine line between collecting and hoarding, and that sometimes it's ok to get rid of old things to make way for newer things.
  • If you know of someone who is a hoarder, research getting them some help. Hoarding can have a very negative effect on a person's life. This type of pack rat behavior can create major mental and physical health issues.
  • Read more about actual pack rats! Also called woodrats, these rodents collect anything they can find to make their nests. They are known to get distracted by shiny new things - if they see something they like, they will drop what they are currently holding to get the shiny new item for their nest.
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