10 parents who pretty much ruined Christmas for their kids.

10 parents who pretty much ruined Christmas for their kids.

Christmas may be over (woohoo!) but the feelings of happiness continue to linger—as does, for some, the disappointment because they weren't given the gifts they'd hoped for. Parents try really, really hard to please their kids with the perfect Christmas presents yet sometimes kids make it too difficult. Kids change their minds, or change their sizes too quickly. They should really be grateful that they got anything at all, but most of these kids aren't old enough to have that whole concept down. As for the tenth kid on this list? Well, her present was probably appreciated for how NSFW it is.

1. This dad was buying a present for his baby.

Whoops!! Way to go dad!! #itmaybeabitsmall #dadfail #nexttimeillputnames

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2. This mom's presents have a theme.

3. This baby is not having it.

4. This girl is unimpressed.


5. Do you love disappointed kids? Here's another.

6. This mom accidentally got a two-for-one deal on her present.

7. This boy doesn't need much for happiness.

8. This girl is not crying happy tears.


9. This little girl might one day like her gift. Maybe?

🚴🏻‍♀️ #dadFail 🏆

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10. Always double-check monogrammed gifts.