Today, of course, is 4/20, that one special day a year when stoners neglect superficial responsibilities like "going to work" and instead just get high and think about how society is, like, a total racket. Unlike all the other days, when they do basically the same thing.


But before you set out to celebrate the high holiday, keep in mind that police are celebrating as well. By arresting you pot-smoking hippie criminals.

In Wyoming, a city in Minnesota (not one of the fun states where weed is legal now), some creative police officers came up with an especially clever way to catch potheads. And it's so good it might actually work.

"Undercover #420 operations are in place," wrote the Wyoming Police Dept. on Twitter yesterday. "Discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today. #Happy420."

Even if you're not a huge fan of the police, you have to applaud these guys for their impeccable understanding of the stoner mind. You almost have to wonder if whoever came up with it has themselves indulged in the ganja.


The tweet has gone massively viral since it went out yesterday. And Twitter is having a mixed reaction. Some people find this "joke" by the Wyoming, MN police department pretty HIGHlarious, lol.

But some people don't find it so funny, considering how many people actually do go to prison over weed-related offenses.


This person is just annoyed at the cops' dad taste in video games.

And this person knows for every joke, there's an equal and opposite joke to be made (it's physics!).


Then the Wyoming, Minnesota Police Dept. followed up with a few tweets to let everyone know they take "substance abuse" very, very seriously.

Ohhhhhhh so that tweet about 4/20 was actually an anti-drug PSA?

That's a relief. Because no one should ever, ever make light of marijuana and our country's absurd criminalization of drug use. Anyway, see you later at the snack party in jail!