Family holidays can be tough for jokesters whose senses of humor often go unappreciated by their more serious relatives. One such jokester (who goes by rynpaige) posted a harrowing tale to Reddit about how his inappropriate Christmas sweater turned his in-laws against him forever. Or at least for the time being.

This happened xmas eve/ xmas day. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I love dressing up and being festive for holidays. This year, I decided to buy one of those "riding a snowman" costumes to wear at our family gatherings. I also bought an ugly xmas sweater that had a picture of a cartoon tree saying "I don't want your balls on me" with (2) red tree decorations (round balls basically). I threw on an elf hat with fake ears and I was ready to be the funny idiot at Christmas.

I went to my family gathering xmas eve (tons of people and little kids aged 2 and up) Walked in and everyone had a laugh, the kids thought it was funny and I proceeded to have a merry Christmas....


Let's see what happens when our friend wears his Christmas garb to his in-laws' house.

Next day I decided to wear it to my wife's family gathering...they are a little more serious and straight laced than my family, but I've known them for 19yrs now and they know I'm a moron who does stuff like this. (I wore the bunny suit from a "A Christmas Story" there last year)....well, immediately upon entering my sister-in-laws house, my nieces descended upon me and basically attacked me (not the reaction I was expecting) was at that moment I realized that the carrot nose on the snowman wasn't in the most appropriate place....they start tugging on the carrot and punching the snowman in the face (or my crotch depending on the way you look at it)...her grandfather shoots me a look of death and I decide it's time to lose the pants. No big deal as I had pants on underneath.

I couldn't however lose my sweater because I only had a raggy white t-shirt underneath. The kids there ranged from 1-about 5 1/2...


It all might have worked out fine if his over-achieving 5-year-old niece hadn't learned to read yet.

As we're half way through dinner and everyone is eating at the table, my sweet as can be 5yr old niece who was sitting across from me blurts out (real loud and clear too...) "I DON'T WANT YOUR BALLS ON ME!" "I DON'T WANT YOUR BALLS ON ME!" "I DON'T WANT YOUR BALLS ON ME!"......

I didn't realize any of them could read yet. HONESTLY.

Yes, he did include a photo of the inappropriate sweater in question.

It's pretty funny, actually.
It's pretty funny, actually.

From "Fun Uncle" to "Uncle Pervert" in a matter of moments.

I try to cover up and explain to her that the hooks on the ornaments are sharp and heavy and the trees don't like them

Her grandparents are now murdering me with their eyes and her aunt starts yelling how inappropriate I am and how dare I wear something so horrible when I knew there would be little girls around.

My wife said I went from being the "fun uncle" to the "creepy pervert uncle" really fast....

I apologized but felt pretty bad about it. Don't know if I can show my face there next year now.

TL;DR - wore inappropriate apparel to holiday gathering and now I'm labeled a pervert by my in-laws.


Oh, Reddit. We thank you for bringing stories of Christmas fails into our lives.