March 17th is St. Patrick's Day, the religious celebration to honor to memory of one Patron Saint —nah, a day of absolute debauchery with a green color scheme. If you aren't already too drunk, here are celebratory memes to send with your friends from your desk before you're allowed to party.

1. The meme for your sneaky friend.

I now know how I'm going to celebrate next St Patrick's Day at work.

2. The meme for your pretentious friend with a dark sense of humor.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

3. The meme for the Good Guy Ireland in your life.

In honour of St. Patrick's Day I give you Good Guy Ireland

3. The meme for your toasts.

4. The meme for your actual Irish friend from Ireland.

St Patrick's Day

5. The meme for your myth-loving friend.

6. The meme for your lushest friend.

Just getting ready for St. Patrick's day..

7. The meme for your Hobbit friend.

Reflecting on St. Patrick's Day

8. The meme for your wordy friend.

st patrick's day i'm really drunk imgur peoples.

9. The meme for your lazy friend.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all.

10. The meme for your alcoholic friend.

11. The meme for your punniest friend.

Happy St Patrick's Day

12. The meme for the Patrick Stewart superfan.

25 Minutes left to shitpost for St. Patrick's day. 'Fraid this is all I could come up with...