15 Thanksgiving Pinterest disasters so terrible you'll be grateful they aren't yours.

15 Thanksgiving Pinterest disasters so terrible you'll be grateful they aren't yours.

When you're the victim of a food fail on Thanksgiving, it makes you feel like a real turkey. Whether you burn something, forget something, or just completely f-up a Pinterest idea, it can be humiliating. But you can be grateful for one thing, at least your friends and family will be too busy laughing at you to ask why you're still single.

Let us give thanks for Pinterest Fails, for they make us feel more superior than Martha Stewart before she went to prison. But if for some reason your turkey does come out looking NSFW, don't worry, Christmas is right around the corner.

1. Turkey Cake

It's your doodie to try a slice of this turd-key cake.

2. Turkey Cookies

Is this a Turkey or Miss Cleo? Either way your future looks bleak.

3. Baby Turkey Treats

Let's all give thanks for demon penguins.

4. Bundt Cake

This is not what the pilgrims had in mind.

5. Turkey Cupcakes

They are frowning more than the kids who have to eat them.

6. No Bake Turkey Cookies

"Tell my turkey cookie family I... *cough cough* love them."

7. Turkey Cake Pops

Leather Face here, looks more ready for Halloween than Thanksgiving.

8. Turkey Rice Crispy Treats

This will have you screaming, "Oh no, my balls!"

9. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Those dead "eyes" will haunt you until Christmas.

10. Another Turkey Cake

Is someone throwing a bunch of Thanksgiving bachelorette parties we don't know about?

11. Nutter Butter Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving. Would you like to eat a terrifying evil clown?

12. Fruit Turkey

This is what you get for being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving.

13. Pilgrim Cupcake

Before the Mayflower, and after.

14. Turkey Cinnamon Rolls

Worried about your family filling up on breakfast? Not with these terrifying creatures from Hell.

15. Yet Another Turkey Cake

OK, someone in the bakery department really needs to get laid.