The holiday season is upon us, and that means soon we'll all be gathered with our family exchanging gifts to show our love and appreciation for one another. Inevitably, that means we'll all be receiving some wonderfully wacky presents from all of our favorite, well-meaning relatives, including our parents. We asked our readers to share the weirdest, silliest, and most adorable presents they've ever received from their parents.

Man, you guys have some funny parents. Here are 11 of the best responses.

1. Glad to see that Leah from Facebook's dad shares my love of giving people presents with pictures of my face on them. (IT'S ALWAYS FUNNY.)

It's more funny than weird. When I was in my final year of grad school, we were finished opening gifts and my dad hands me an envelope and starts giving a speech about how proud he is of me for all my hard work and so on. I opened the envelope and card inside of it. Inside the card was a Visa gift card with a giant picture of my dad's face on it. I'm pretty sure both of us were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. The best part using it at the store because the cashiers would always laugh.


2. Maybe Amanda M's mom thought she would like to wear these ironically?

My mom got me a pair of pajama bottoms that has "I ❤️ boys" all over them.

I'm a lesbian and she knew that.

And I was 27 at the time

3. James' dad created a lot of suspense for what turned out to be a pretty crappy gift. (GET IT?! I'll see myself out.)

One year my dad found it hilarious to get me all excited about this one present. So, I was thinking I got something awesome, like a Walkman or keys to a car.... Nope, it was a pile of rubber dog shit.

4. Jade had a pretty great story about what her grandmother got her dad for Christmas. We may never know what the reasoning behind this was.

Not my parents, but my dads mum got him a leopard print man thong for Christmas with no explanation or comment other than "Did you all like your gifts?" to which everyone knows the only appropriate answer is "Yes". It's not even like shes one of those little old ladies who is losing her mental ability that we can excuse as a senile moment. She's totally with it and the rest of us got appropriate gifts!


5. Devon's mom doesn't just give gifts, she gives life lessons.

My sister had a horrible habit of leaving her stuff lay around or in her unlocked car so for 3 years my mom " stole " everything she found just laying around or in the unlocked car to teach her a lesson and for her 18th bday that's what she got was a box full of all the stuff mom stole from her over the years lol

6. I agree, Teresa. That is pretty weird.

My Mom gave me underpants and a bag of tomatoes for my 21st birthday. That was pretty weird.


7. Susan's dad takes the cake in practical dad gifts.

One time my Dad got me a set of torches. Another he got me a chain saw. He thought the were great gifts. My Dad. Miss him bunches.

8. Maybe Amanda in Arkansas' dad should have just sat them both down for a talk?

I got married right before Christmas when I was 19. We were both virgins when we got hitched. After the wedding, my dad pulls me into a bedroom at my house and whips out a present. I open it and it was a porn video! He said he was just trying to help in case we didn't know what to do. Awkward doesn't even come close!


9. Hayley's mother was only 7 years too early with the baby gifts.

The first Christmas my husband and I were together, my mum gave us a diaper bag. We had been dating 7 months. We've now been together for 7.5 years and are currently expecting our first.

10. Let's all just be grateful that Nicole's dad didn't pick out the "under stuffs" himself.

Awkward dad gift.

My dad doesn't buy clothes for people as a rule. He's terrible at guessing sizes and his fashion sense, well, unless it's sports themed, it sucks!

So one bright Christmas morning (I think I was about 18 or 19) I open up a tiny tiny package that seemed to be filled only with newspaper and magazine bits. No. It was a gift card. But taped to it were pictures of bra and panty clad models.

"Go buy some new under stuffs" he says to me.

Wow, dad. The gift of possible underwear. Just what I wanted from dear old dad.


11. Technically not her own parent, but we couldn't leave out this insane, slightly creepy, truly amazing gift that Victoria from Facebook got from her mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law gave me a drawing of her cuddling (breastfeeding?) her son......

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season filled with super weird presents.