11 turkeys even weirder than your Thanksgiving guests.

11 turkeys even weirder than your Thanksgiving guests.

Thanksgiving has plenty of fun things—getting drunk and watching football, getting drunk and deep-frying a turkey, getting drunk and putting out the fire that happens when you deep-fry a turkey—but it's the same old thing every year. Why not get weird and dress up your turkey with costumes and props?

1. What the fez?

So this is what it would feel like to cook a Muppet.

2. Care for a soak?

"Have you met my friend Brine?"

3. Malibu Turkey.

Finally, a Barbie that looks like we do after we eat Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Things are perking up.

Plenty of breast meat.

5. "Your brown skin shining in the sun…"

Happy Thongsgiving!

6. Care for a bite?

Grandma couldn't come this Thanksgiving, so she sent her teeth.

7. Time to relax.

"When's the damn parade over?"

8. Revenge of the birds.

Murderer most fowl.

9. What the fork?

Orange you glad it's only packing a paring knife?

10. This Just In:

This just out.

11. It's a scream.

It's much more appetizing to eat stuffing from a turkey's shrieking mouth than its body cavity.