This past weekend, we asked our readers to send in stories of the weirdest gifts they've ever gotten from their parents. As delighted as we were with those stories, a lot of people truly stellar responses about strange gifts that their grandparents gave them. And of course, since the holiday season is upon us, we didn't want to deprive you of the joy of weird grandparent gifts, so here we are. We decided to write up a separate post. Happy holidays, dear readers. Here are 12 of our favorite weird grandparent gifts.

1. Kelsey's grandmother just wants her to be safe.

One day my grandma showed up with a Manila envelope and said something to the effect of "this is something special only a nana can share with her grand daughter"... I opened it up and it was an article about the rise of HIV and AIDS in young woman and how to protect themselves. She hugged me and smiled afterwards. I mean, it was informative, but not so much a gift


2. Keturah's grandmother uses her gifts to encourage people to take up the hobbies that she thinks they should have.

Not me, but a few years ago my grandmother drew my brother in laws name for Christmas.

Early in the day she asked him if he played golf and his response "no, never. It's not really my thing" she smiled and said "never say never!"

Later he was surprised, and yet not surprised, to open a golf bag umbrella.

We make golf jokes as often as possible.

3. Maybe Cecilie from Facebook's grandma should have looked a little more closely at that statue...

A few years ago my grandmother gave me a tantra figure. Like two wooden people having sex. It turned out she thought it was a horse ...


4. Nobody tell Hillary from Facebook's grandma what the frog is holding.

My grandma once gave me a t-shirt with a frog on it because she knew I love frogs. It was tye dyed and had a frog with dreadlocks playing the bongos smoking a joint. Best gift ever! I still have it. (She didn't notice the joint, just saw the frog).

5. We totally agree with Elizabeth from Facebook's grandma-in-law (is that the proper term?). Sewing heads is hard work! (JK we've never sewn a head.)

My husband's grandmother made my daughter a headless doll. She said it was too hard to sew a head. Lmao - Needless to say - my daughter was not impressed


6. We think Kristen from Facebook's grandma is trying to tell her something.

My grandma once gifted me a book to help 'conjure' romantic love into my life. Her heart's always in the right place but I sent it to goodwill.

7. One reader sent us the story of his grandparents' Christmas pep talk. He asked to be credited as "The Ghost of David Seaman's Mustache."

My grandparents have always been notorious for their poor gift-giving skills. One year they gave my brother one of those metal tins that holds three types of popcorn... except it was empty. They just thought it looked nice.

But the best (worst?) was a few years ago, after I had just gotten divorced, they gave me a large, framed motivational poster that had a nighttime beach scene and said something like "It's always darkest before the dawn."

I guess they thought that what I needed for Christmas that year was a pep talk.


8. Ashley from Facebook's grandmother may have misinterpreted one item on her brother's wish list.

My brother asked for an X grandma drew a big X on a cardboard box and wrapped it for him.

9. At least Meagan's siblings got a good laugh out of this grandparent gift. Their poor brother, though.

Anyway, a few years ago we were opening Christmas presents from my grandma and she's kind of... Odd in her gift-giving habits (she buys on Boxing Day for next year's Christmas and tends to lean towards things that are on clearance because nobody wants them.) So we get to my little brother's turn to open his gift and he's already getting his "This is exactly what I wanted!" face on, because we all know it won't be. So he opens up this box and in it is a pair of girls pyjamas. Made for a kid the size of a 7-year-old. Keep in mind that my brother was 15 or so at the time and he's always been tall anyway.

TL;DR My grandmother gave my 15-year-old brother a set of little girls' PJs and it will live on as a family legend between my siblings and I for eternity.


10. Grandparents giving slightly inappropriate gifts is part of what makes the holidays so special. Nikki from Facebook gets it.

My grandma gave my aunt's boyfriend a pillow shaped like boobs....that was awkward.

11. Our Facebook commenter Laura's co-worker's grandmother probably just wants to make sure everyone is getting enough Calcium. Right?

Didn't happen to me but this guy I used to work with said his grandmother would always get each family member a block of Velveeta cheese

12. You never know what strange treasures Samantha Sweet's grandpa has in store.

This gift is actually from my grandpa but he's the best, weird gift giver. I invited a friend over for Christmas dinner since his family was out of town, and was preparing him for how... different my grandpa could be. My gpa is an extreme hoarder and you also never really know what he's going to say or do. So my friend laughs as if I must mean he might try to pull a quarter out of his ear or a typical grandpa thing. But nope. My grandpa busts in the front door with my Christmas gift. A big ass Roman candle in the shape of an electric guitar. We took it to a bar later and shot it off which is more use than I got out of the used pink crayon he got me the year before.