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12 people share their best advice for faking sick at work or school.

12 people share their best advice for faking sick at work or school.


As we hit the doldrums of winter, it becomes more and more tempting to fake sick and call out of work. But how?

Calling out sick is always a dicey proposition when you're a slave to capitalism — sometimes, even when you are sick, your boss can be a pill about it. So someone on Reddit asked for advice on how to convincingly call out. Here are the best tips, no doctor's note required.

1. Hope you're well enough for some acrobatics.

If you hang your head off of your bed upside down you will sound very congested! - berks99

2. Calling while you still have sleep voice helps, too.

call right after you wake up. Don't get out of bed, don't say anything before the call. Gives you that nice froggy morning voice. My mom taught me this one. - Elisande

3. Implying that you have a poop-related ailment will keep your boss from asking questions.

Just say "I can't leave the bathroom." Let their imagination fill in the rest. - lmflex

4. Explaining yourself too much could backfire.

Don't bother with a lot of explanation. I know my employees are faking when they spend a bunch of time on backstory and details. - MaiqTheLawyer

Sources: Reddit
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