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15 people share the worst advice their parents gave them.

15 people share the worst advice their parents gave them.


Parents might mean well (usually...) but sometimes, their advice turns out to be pretty horrific.

A recent Reddit thread asked people to share the advice from their parents that turned out to be wildly off-base. Here are 15 of the biggest gems.

1. Computers will be obsolete any day now.

Computers will never catch on, don't waste any more of your time on them.

Wasted a decade doing random temping jobs before finally working with computers. Now they harass me all the time to fix their devices. - Biscotti499

2. If only this were true.

If you study for the final year of high school, you’ll never have to study for the rest of your life (I think this is very India-specific advice though). Boy were they wrong. - elSidCampeador

3. Ah, this old chestnut.

You can tell me, It's okay/I won't get angry - cannedthoughts

4. This is a great way to get security called on you.

“You can’t just apply online! Get dressed up, go to Lockheed Martin, introduce yourself, and ask if they have any available positions!” ... I didn’t do it for the record, they were just so adamant about it... - Hillman9611

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