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19 barbers confess their biggest 'oh, s***' moments.

19 barbers confess their biggest 'oh, s***' moments.

We've all gotten a questionable haircut once or twice — but it's borderline impossible to get your barber or hairdresser to fess up and admit they botched it.

But when they're protected by online anonymity? Then they'll cop to it.

A recent Reddit thread asked barbers and hairdressers to share their "oh, s***" moments. The answers prove hairstylists aren't perfect — and their clients aren't crazy!

1. Slicing a kid's ear is probably the worst that could happen...

While I was training at a pretty chic salon in London, there was a kid who came in for a cut with his mum. [...] Towards the end of the cut, she very clearly told the boy to stay still as she was cutting the stray hairs around his ears. She told him that her scissors had just been sharpened and would hurt a lot if she cut him. [...] He suddenly turned his head to something and she caught the top of his ear. [...] I will never forget the top bit of his ear just resting on the blades of her scissors and her wide-eyed pale expression of realisation of what had happened. I don't know if you've ever cut an ear, but those things bleed. - Panda-Beard92

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