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23 people reveal the darkest secrets of their job.

23 people reveal the darkest secrets of their job.


When you've been in a certain field for a long time, you can start to forget that not everybody has the same knowledge of it as you do. And that's how dark industry secrets happen.

A recent Reddit thread asked people, "What's a dark secret/questionable practice in your industry?" Here are the 22 best responses.

1. Lobbyists aren't just influencing laws, they're allegedly writing them.

Many bills are literally written by lobbyists or special interest organizations. I have seen my boss give bill language to a state legislator and then found the same language in print a few days later several times. The bill may change in committee but usually not drastically against the original intent. - Jenova66

2. Your kid's teacher knows more about you than you think...

Young kids talk to their teachers/coaches/counselors/principals about their parents. A lot. And kids pick up on all the dirty little secrets. - MineralWaterMike

3. Airport hotel workers are living life on the edge.

Many hotels often sell rooms multiple times. Used to work in airport hotel. Knowing that chances are some guests won’t arrive due to missed or delayed flights so we sell more rooms that we have. You have guests checking out from 2/3 am due to early flights so even though the room is technically still theirs you quickly and sometimes poorly clean the room and tell the arriving unexpected guest or new booking there’s a random computer issue and to wait 20 mins and then check them into the departed guests room praying. Multiple times I’ve had to run a kettle under a cold tap to hide the fact the previous guest used it 15 mins before the new guest arrives - AndromedaFire

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