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22 people share the dumbest ways they've injured themselves.

22 people share the dumbest ways they've injured themselves.


Nobody likes getting hurt, but when you get hurt because of your own questionable actions, it really adds insult to injury — literally.

A recent Reddit thread asked people to name the dumbest ways they've hurt themselves. From stair pranks gone wrong to bricks in the face, here are some of the best. Stay safe out there.

1. Happens to the best of us.

i pretended like i was gonna fall down the stairs and i ended up falling down the stairs. - Anti-Hobnocker

2. To be fair, those things are tough.

got a black eye sparring with a mma dummy.... - TheFoolishDog

3. Chair: 1. You: 0.

My first and only black eye was throwing a plastic chair at the door that rebounded into my face. I dropped faster than a turd in a toilet bowel. - GreatFNGatsbyy

4. This would be some people's rock bottom.

I’ve burned myself on the lightbulb inside my refrigerator.. - _14_Glove

5. Well, your intentions were nice...

When I was a kid I would go for walks with my mom on the ranch. I would protect her by fighting off the bad guys (cactus). I had a garden trowel I was using as a "sword". I thrust my "sword" into my foe, and it fought back. I had a cactus thorn go all the way through my thumb. My mom (a nurse) couldn't get it out, my grandma (a doctor) couldn't get it out, ended up going to the ER to have it removed. - shawworx

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