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14 people share what it was like to dump someone because of their crazy family.

14 people share what it was like to dump someone because of their crazy family.

They say that when you marry someone, you're marrying their family. So what happens when their family is nuts?

A recent Reddit thread asked, "Have you ever broken off a relationship with someone you really loved because their family was absolutely nuts? What was their family like?" We've all met a family or two that defied convention. Here are some of the weirdest.

1. This mother-in-law sounds like a nightmare.

We were together 10 years. His mum cried all the time and made everything about her. Her children pooled their money to buy her an expensive TV for Christmas. When she opened it, she burst into miserable tears saying it wouldn't fit her favourite TV cabinet. Then repeated how disappointed she was to all the family all Christmas. She also referred to her daughter in law as "the vessel" that provided her grandchildren. - PossumBoots

2. At least this crazy family came with a free meal.

I wouldn't call it a relationship, but a girl I had been on a few dates with had invited me back to her place. Score, right? Except when we got there, she had failed to mention that her entire family lived there. So I was introduced to her mother and father and siblings at like midnight when we got back to her place, and she told them that "we're going to my room to have sex" and her dad said, "you brought protection right man?" and I kind of nodded in a daze. So we went back there and did the deed, she was actually amazing in bed. After I wondered how I do the walk of shame as I passed her family on the way out, so I try to duck out at like 3am.

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