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16 Europeans share the 'American problems' they can't understand.

16 Europeans share the 'American problems' they can't understand.


We love to call America the "land of the free," but some of our pointless laws and traditions tell a different story.

A recent Reddit thread urged European people to share the "American problems" they can't understand. Get ready for a crash course in how weird America is.

1. Americans share this confusion and frustration over our pointlessly high drinking age.

21 Drinking age like whaaaat you can vote , go join the army , get married , have children and drive but you're too immature to drink ???!!???! - captainsincers

2. Fun fact: in other countries, tax is included in price so you actually pay what the price tag says.

Australian here, don't understand why tax isn't automatically added to price tags. - Android_frog

3. In European countries, calling out of work sick isn't frowned upon. What a concept!

I truly do not understand [limited sick days]. I mean, if you're sick you're.... you know, sick. I have tried, but I canno limit the time I'm sick. I don't think a lot of people can, so why tf limit sick days?

Here in The Netherlands we went, in my opinion, a bit overboard. You can be sick for one year, then your empoyer has to pay only 70% of your salary. After two years they can fire you. That's a bit long. But I read somewhere about people who have two sickdays a year, which is the other end of ridiculous. - Myana_1st

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