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17 history teachers share the most bizarre things their students have ever said.

17 history teachers share the most bizarre things their students have ever said.


History is a fun subject. But considering just how much stuff has happened over the years, the history classroom can be a wild place.

When history teachers tell kids about things that happened 10, 50, or 100+ years ago, the students' responses might be pretty WTF. A recent Reddit thread asked people who teach history to share the most interesting or concerning response they got from students.

1. The pronunciation of "colonel" is maddening, to be fair.

I taught history and my students were blown away over the pronunciation of colonel. They thought colonial times were classified that way because of “Colonial” Washington. I should also mention they were fourth graders. - dahopppa

2. The poor spinster.

In a college music history class, one student wrote on her exam:

"Bach had 20 children, 2 wives, and practiced on a spinster in the attic."

Surely, she must've meant to have said "spinet." - Back2Bach

3. Resourceful kids.

I teach 4th grade, and it's a history lesson focused on sources, like what makes a good source and what makes a bad source(its a lot more nuanced but still), I give my students the task of finding out how old the school is. My idea, when I planned the lesson, was that they would go out along the school and find a couple a bricks with the year on it or a plaque. Some of the students did that, and got mixed results, another found a website with the exact age and picture of when it was founded, took them awhile to do.

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