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21 people who knew a celebrity pre-fame share what they were like.

21 people who knew a celebrity pre-fame share what they were like.


They say fame changes people, and it's hard to tell whether your favorite celebrity is the same person as they were before they got big.

A recent Reddit thread asked people who knew celebrities back in the day to share whether or not fame had changed them. Here are 21 of the best responses. Just take them with a grain of salt, because they aren't verified!

1. Tyler the Creator has allegedly always had that weird sense of humor.

Tyler the Creator - Exactly the same. We were all concerned at how bizarre he was. He would call people “a table” or something incredibly random and the sense of humor caught on in my high school. The fame did nothing, he’s still strange and a sweetheart. - lil-teapots

2. Jack Black is a real one.

Jack Black is the same person he was as a teenager, funny, kind, caring, and spreading that joy of music. - DeadSheepLane

3. Rupert Grint seems chill.

I went to school with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter). I was into acting too, so we had done a few school plays together. He was really nice, very chill, a good laugh. I haven't seen him since school days, but he kept coming to classes whenever he wasn't filming, was always happy to chat about the movies.

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