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19 men share the most romantic thing a woman has ever done for them.

19 men share the most romantic thing a woman has ever done for them.


Books, movies and TV shows are full of men doing romantic things to women — but what about the other way around?

In real life, women can be just as romantic as men. A recent Reddit thread asked men to share the most romantic things a woman has ever done for them. The answers are heartwarming — and comforting, considering that the bar for woman-instigated romance is pretty low.

1. Helping you avoid student loans? Romantic and practical.

My girlfriend paid for a maritime course that I couldn’t afford so that I could get a higher license and a better paying job.

We’re married now and I’m a Captain. - Slymee_Remington

2. Surprise trip to Norway!

On my birthday a few years ago my girlfriend told me to pack my bag and some warm gear. I thought she was taking me on a surprise camping trip, but instead we hopped on a train to the airport and flew to Norway.

We ended up going husky sledding, spending the night in a yurt at the husky lodge, going snowmobiling up to a canyon, staying in an ice hotel, and going on a northern lights tour (lucky enough to catch a particularly awesome display too).

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