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12 'crazy' in-laws share things from their perspective.

12 'crazy' in-laws share things from their perspective.

We hear about crazy in-laws — especially mothers-in-law — all the freaking time. So one person was wondering: what about the in-law stories told from the "crazy" ones' perspective?

A Reddit post entitled, "Mother-In-Laws of Reddit, in the interest of fairness, what are your crazy daughter-in-law stories?" shows us that frequently, MILs get a bad name when really everyone involved is madder than a box of cats. In-laws of all stripes shared their stories of why they're misunderstood.

1. This daughter-in-law realized she was in the wrong.

I was the s***** DIL, we married young and she would try to help a little too much. I would feel suffocated with her and felt like she was judging everything I did. 4-5 years later I realized she was just trying what she thought was best for us and we now have the best relationship. - lovecake

2. At least she's probably a super productive crafter.

When I first met [my daughter-in-law], she was a tweaker, she knew I knew and she hated me. Now she stays home and knits and crafts and I have not seen my grandson in 3 years. She still hates me. - kikuyu2020

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