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19 people share the movies that traumatized them as kids.

19 people share the movies that traumatized them as kids.


Back in the days of Blockbuster, getting traumatized by the magic of cinema was a weekly occurrence.

A recent Reddit thread asked people to remember the movies that freaked them out for life. Bring on the E.T.-inspired nightmares!

1. Was anyone not disturbed by "E.T."?

E.T. terrified me. Then my dad made it 1000x worse by telling me that the gurgling noises a tub makes as it's draining is E.T. and that he's coming to get me. - goshthisishard

2. "Jaws" ruined the beach for many of us.

Jaws. Can't swim in the sea or a lake without thinking, however fleetingly, that there's a shark nearby. I am convinced, for example, that the Norwegian fjords are filled with Greenland sharks. - WorldBaker

3. Bugs should never be entering bodies.

The mummy. There was a scene where some golden bugs come alive and entered into one of the characters body and i have a phobia of bugs now - kunal445

4. Many '80s and '90s kids developed a fear of clowns because of this one.

The old IT. Mom is a HUGE Stephen King fan, so I was... 6 or 7? The first time I watched it.

Tim Curry, man. I didn't shower without either my mom or sister standing guard for at least a year.

Sources: Reddit
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