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17 people share how the 'popular kid' at their school quickly became unpopular.

17 people share how the 'popular kid' at their school quickly became unpopular.


For some people, being well-liked just isn't meant to be.

A recent Reddit thread asked people, "What made the popular kid at school the unpopular kid?" The answers prove that coolness doesn't always last forever.

1. This poor boy!

In elementary school, so popularity was already sort of a nebulous concept, but one boy got pantsed at recess and was found to be wearing diapers.

Pretty sure he was incontinent, which has got to be a rough f***ing road for a little kid, especially since he didn't seem to have any other noticeable disabilities. - RollThatD20

2. Sounds like he had some issues.

He was caught selling cigarettes and weed. He reportedly assaulted the favourite teacher of everyone at my school. Everyone loved that teacher because she was so nice and from then on hated the “popular kid” - Vijitarian

3. Wouldn't want to have dinner at this family's house after this stunt.

There was one kid in my class who was the son of our maths teacher. He was crazy popular because he was able to help everyone out with their homework for that class; turns out he was actually snooping through his dad's notes to get the answers. The teacher naturally got super suspicious after a while, so he deliberately made a fake answer sheet. Of course, the kid grabbed it and noted it all down.

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