14 'rich kid syndrome' horror stories that will make you glad you're broke. Well, almost.

14 'rich kid syndrome' horror stories that will make you glad you're broke. Well, almost.

Have you ever heard the saying "the rich are different"? Cuz if you've ever met a wealthy person or even just watched "Real Housewives," you'll know they really, really are.

This week on Reddit, people are sharing their worst stories of "rich kid syndrome," or the tendency of rich people to be clueless, rude, and/or out-of-touch when confronted with everyday problems.

Buckle up, and please remember not to raise your children this way!

megsomatosis is luckily a good sport, because some brides would never recover from this type of shade.

Nannied for a wealthy family in the Upper East Side Manhattan. Got engaged to my now husband. Boy, age 8 or 9, thought my ring was super cool & unique bc he “never saw one that small before.”

thinkinglogicallygtfo shares a story that will surely make your blood boil.

My SO has rich aunt and uncle with an only child. When he graduated college his gift was a complex that brings in enough money that this kid could retire on it. If you ask him hes self made though.

And astrangeone88 somehow knows someone similar.

A very distant relative of ours (eg. some weird branch off the family tree) offered her son a bribe of an entire apartment building if he finished his undergraduate accounting degree.

I just went..."Huh?" So you get an immediate investment after graduating and you can rent out the place for mega $$$$....


Can we at least all agree that, as rowinit proves, children do not deserve to fly first class?

I went to middle/elementary school with some very wealthy people. Typically I was oblivious enough to not really realize it, but two instances come to mind:

In 5th grade we did some an exchange trip type of thing with some kids in Canada. On the flight over there one of my classmates said "Wow, this is crazy. I've only ever flown first class before!"

Later, in 8th grade I was at that same kids house (an absolute mansion on top of a hill, with the long landscaped entrance drive, marble-floored entrance hall with stairs winding up either side, etc), and he and a girl (who had been dropped off in her dad's "newer" ferrari) started having a discussion comparing the merits of their relative in-home movie theaters. Like, not just a living room with a cool A/V setup, but full on movie theaters with rows of seats that could seat about 50 people.

My family wasn't poor, but that was when I realized we weren't rich either.


This is um... psycho, anon_e_mous9669.

Went to college with a totally chill dude who was apparently rich as fuck. He was on our college golf team and enjoyed destroying a club if he hit a bad shot. He wasn't even angry, it was just like a reflex to go Bo Jackson over his knee or whatever.

I asked him how he keeps playing and he basically said that at the end of every round he just bought new clubs for the next round. He showed me in the trunk of his car how he had like 5 boxes of irons and always took the plastic off a new driver for every round I saw him play (and he played every day at least 18 if not 36 holes). He said it wasn't even a rounding error in his dad's credit card...


Money can't buy you driving skills, teds_trip22.

Kid in my high school crashed 6 cars within a year. And they weren't like 1990's toyotas and hondas most highschoolers buy (themselves), these were brand new Subaru STI's, a BRZ, a BMW, brand new jeep, shit like that. The last car his dad bought him was a semi new Ford focus. A decent car, better than my 1997 white Camry.

Every day he complained and threw a fit his dad wouldnt buy him another $30k+ car.

not_very_tasty has a cousin who can pull wedding money out of thin air (her dad's pocket).

I dunno about rich but just spoiled. My cousin insisted on a $15,000 wedding ring and $30,000 wedding. She and the groom made $20-25k a year combined. Her Dad paid for everything, they divorced within 6 months.


Taking a cab two blocks — isn't that the dream, PureMitten.

Two girls, both nice and fairly level headed but also just raised too damn rich

One would take a taxi everywhere in town. It was a very safe, small college town with free campus buses and she’d taxi across campus. She lived two blocks away from me and would take a taxi from her dorm to my house. Google maps says it’s a full 4 minute walk. She swore she just had a terrible sense of direction and couldn’t figure out where we lived, but you’d think after the first embarrassingly short taxi ride she’d throw our address into google maps and just walk.

The other would regularly complain about people not knowing how to manage their money. It took a while to figure out but eventually it clicked that she meant very poor people didn’t know how to invest their money in stocks and bonds. Then one day we were having a conversation where she revealed she didn’t think a house in Detroit in 2010 could possibly cost under $1 million. I told her I grew up in a nice $180k house and she thought I was dumb or lying. Shattered her world when I showed her my home on Zillow. When she graduated college she complained about how much stuff cost all the time, it was nice seeing her learn the value of a dollar finally.


DeputyDongz worked with the richest pizza guy ever.

I deliver pizza in a VERY rich area. I’m talking seeing Rolls Royce’s and supercars on a daily basis kind of rich.

My manager told me a story of someone that used to work there. This guy would deliver pizzas in a brand new BMW M3 and just put absolutely no effort into his job (delivering pizza isn’t hard).

Apparently this guy only had a job because his parents wouldn’t pay his allowance if he didn’t work.

How much was his allowance?

$5,000 a month

This guy was making $60,000 a year to deliver pizza part time.


OldCyrus confirms that this kind of salary-supplementation is A Thing with rich people.

That's actually super common with wealthy families. An acquaintance of mine has the same deal with his parents. Work 40hrs a week and get ~$100,000 a year allowance plus the ~$15,000 a month mortgage paid for.

Edit: I should point out. This is NYC FIDI. $15,000/month is for a good sized two bedroom condo.

Uhhh, it's called creating jobs, Skwonkie_.

I have a kid in my MBA cohort that outsources his homework and projects to India. He bitched and moaned when one of our professors gave him a “C” when he only showed up to 2 classes after “he (dad)” donated $10,000 to school. Overall nice guy but doesn’t really have a clue.


That must have been a pretty lucrative pizza place, Marshmallowcassie.

Back in high school we were doing one of those ice breakers where we passed a beach ball around and whoever caught it had to answer the question their thumb landed on. Well, this kid who has proclaimed being rich numerous times before talking about his parents owning a known pizza place and how he drives an expensive sports car caught the ball and his question was "If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?" His response was somewhere along the lines of "A million dollars wouldn't make any difference in my life"


These rich kids had an interesting idea of what a "good time" is, according to babbchuk.

Group of rich high school kids in Montana out driving around, drinking. Found two combines (large farm tractor thingies, worth about $250k each) out in a wheat field. Decided to have a demolition derby. Got caught. In the judges chambers, with the farmer, who just wanted the damages reimbursed. The high-end family lawyers asked what the hell they were thinking when they did it. The response: “Well, you can’t put a price on a good time”. Turns out that was the wrong answer....

PsychicClown88 learned the hard way that when your bully's dad is rich, all bets are off.

The dude who relentlessly bullied me in school was also the son of one of the richest people in the city. One day a teacher caught him with his hands around my throat and I was pinned against a wall. We were both taken to the teachers meeting room where it was explained to me that we should try and get along and that we should apologise to each other.

Did I mention his dad also built the flash new cafeteria for the school that year?

He was caught on numerous occasions with me in some state of distress and every time they found ways to make it both our problem. His dad pumped a lot of money into that school.

He also flew his friends on his private airline to Manchester United games so nobody stood up for me because they could lose their privileges. My saving grace was a lot of his mates in early years of secondary school turned on him in the later years because he was such an asshole.

Man, I’m clearly not entirely over it.