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17 people share a time when they shouldn't have laughed, but they did.

17 people share a time when they shouldn't have laughed, but they did.


They say laughter is the best medicine, but sometimes it's also totally inappropriate.

A recent Reddit thread asked people to share a time when they absolutely positively should NOT have laughed — but they couldn't help it. From church giggles to the divorce misunderstandings, here are some of the best.

1. Boomers have a hard time differentiating the laughing emojis from the crying emojis.

my dad, using 9 "laughing tears" emojis to announce that our family cat whom we love dearly had passed away. - hmssnickers

2. Sounds like an accident-prone family.

When I was a student nurse I was asked to tell a patient that his daughter couldn't come visit him because she fell down the stairs and had broken both her arms. I could barely contain myself, because the patient was there because he had broken both his arms. - bloddymary88

3. Oh noooooo.

I was 18-20 and working at a department store. 3 men walked up to me and struck up a conversation while buying white button up shirts.

Apparently they were buying matching shirts for a wedding. They asked if there was a child’s suit section. One of them added “The best man lost so much weight...” I cut off the sentence with a chuckle, and he finished “that he died.” and looked at me like I was a monster.

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