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25 people share their favorite cheap yet tasty meals.

25 people share their favorite cheap yet tasty meals.

Anyone who's been poor or broke (or just had parents who didn't know how to cook...) has an arsenal of weird food combinations up their sleeve.

Corn tortillas with American cheese slices zapped in the microwave for 30 seconds? Rice and beans with a little big of egg? A big scoop of peanut butter dipped in Kix? Hot dogs in general?

There's a name for this affordable yet delicious phenomenon: the "struggle meal."

One person posted on Reddit asking, in light of a recent natural disaster in their region, for people's favorite "struggle meals." And not to be alarmist, but with coronavirus quarantines spreading across Europe, it might be useful to add a few new recipes to your own struggle meal repertoire.

The poster grew up poor but remembers struggle meals fondly:

I grew up poor. Very poor. So poor that a week of my current salary is the average monthly salary for a family in my home town poor. But everyone was poor so it didn’t matter. I find that now even though I can afford nicer groceries I still want to eat a lot of my childhood struggle meals. My favorite is my granny’s white beans and cornbread.

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