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19 people share the stupid rules they can't believe their school enforced.

19 people share the stupid rules they can't believe their school enforced.


School is hard enough to get through without all the stupid rules that are enforced.

A recent Reddit thread asked people to recall the dumbest rules that were enforced at their school. The answers won't make you miss your school days at all.

1. This is why bullies always got away with it.

If someone started a fight with me and I defended myself, I'd be in just as much trouble. - HybridS9ldier

2. Bulletproof logic.

Denim jackets, biker jackets and Doctor Marten's Boots were all banned.

The kids who were always fighting usually wore these things so the logic was if they ban these items of clothing the fighting will stop.

It didn't work. - Danny_Mc_71

3. Gotta teach the kids sexism early!

Males were forced to participate in gym shirtless while females could not participate in gym in a sports bra or wear spaghetti strap shirts during regular class as it was deemed to be distracting. - HoratioMegellen

4. Were they afraid the teacher would steal someone's water bottle to put vodka in it?

you couldn't have a water bottle. You could purchase one from the cafeteria during breakfast or lunch, but god forbid you take it out of the place. This was put in place because a teacher (not a student, mind you) brought vodka in a water bottle like 20 years before I went there. - Joshuphigh

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