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18 therapists share 'crazy' things people do that are actually totally normal.

18 therapists share 'crazy' things people do that are actually totally normal.


"Normal" is subjective — but mental health professionals might have a pretty solid sense of what's typical and what's not.

That's why a recent Reddit thread asked therapists to name the seemingly "crazy" or taboo behaviors that are actually totally normal. The responses might make you feel better about your own quirks.

1. Thinking out loud isn't just for Ed Sheeran.

Thinking out loud. If you are feeling stressed when trying to go through a process or a problem talk it out, you'll find yourself getting to the answer quicker and staying calmer. - needs-more-sleep

2. Jokes can be a coping mechanism.

Laughing/Joking in inappropriate or upsetting situations. It is often a reaction of the brain essentially trying to protect itself from whatever it is experiencing, while it can appear insensitive or unsettling from the outside. - OlivebranchTale

3. Tom Hanks' character in "Castaway" knew this.

Talking to inanimate objects is totally normal, so long as they don’t talk back. - noregreddits

4. There's nothing "crazy" about good communication.

Stating your emotions, e.g. "I'm feeling really angry right now!" or "I feel confused and scared." IDK why people often seem to get all awkward and don't know how to respond to this. - ruthtriv

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