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19 people acting like total jerks during the pandemic.

19 people acting like total jerks during the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out some of the best aspects of humanity—and some of the works.

Total jerkwads are hoarding basic goods, being racist against Asian people, and having a blast spreading disease.

You have to laugh or else you'll cry.

1. This Bridezilla who says people are dead to her if they don't want to risk dying from the virus.

2. Meg, who hosted a COVID-19 party in a lockdown state.

3. The basketball player who mocked coronavirus by touching all the mics and tested positive a few days later.

NBA is suspending its season “until further notice” after Rudy Gobert of Jazz reportedly contracted the #coronavirus. What has make it worse is that he deliberately touched all the mics a few days ago during a press briefing to tell the public that the disease was not a big deal.

— Ezra Cheung (@ezracheungtoto) March 12, 2020

4. The person who ordered Chinese food and then refused to pick it up.

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