10 people share their most cringe-inducing high school memories. Prom was awkward.

10 people share their most cringe-inducing high school memories. Prom was awkward.

Adulthood isn't always a cakewalk, but every day I'm grateful that high school is over. I didn't struggle socially - in fact, I attended a high school overrun with nerds that made my love of conjugating Latin verbs and belting musical theater tunes seem normal - but adolescence was so uncomfortable I'd never relive it. I once ripped my jeans while doing a split in front of my crush to impress him. Though he's gay, he's also an acrobat so my instincts were only half wrong!

Recently Redditors shared their most cringe-inducing stories from high school. This thread has everything: drama, awkwardness, extreme body odor, embarrassing parents, inconvenient bodily functions...everything except the knowledge that as an adult, you'd look back and laugh at the same experiences that made you want to cry. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

1. rileykl sounds pretty alpha tbh.

Freshmen year, had a crush on this really pretty blonde girl in my algebra class. After weeks of thinking how to talk to her and asking my parents, they convinced me to just ask for her phone number. So one day after algebra is over, I was waiting for everyone to leave. She was standing there with 2-3 friends and I decided today had to be the day. I walked up, asked for her phone number. "I don't even know your name." I said "OK" and walked away. I will never forget this. Can I go back in time and kick myself in the balls? Maybe I'm lucky that's the worst that happened.


2. flipparapp tried to cover up toots.

Completely dead silent class. I ripped a loud fart. I tried to play it off by saying that my mouth made the noise. Tried to emulate the actual fart with pretend farts for about 30 seconds. After each pretend fart, I'd say, "No that wasn't it, let me try again." All while sweating nervously and shaking. ayyy freshman year of high school fuckin kill me.

3. mbd27f was a creative kid.

Another time I made a Harry potter rap video on YouTube and shared it with people in my school. It got sent around and a ton of teachers watched it in class. Unfortunately for them it was NSFW



4. Whyevenbotherbeing hadn't heard of fashionable lateness.

Went to a party 5 hours early, oblivious. A girl is inviting everyone to a party Friday night. I live out of town a bit and not entirely sure if I can get back in for the party so I just hang around after school. A buddy tells me he’s going early because he plays sports with the girls brother so I should just come early to hang out. For some reason I think early is like in an hour from that point. So I head over about 5 pm to meet up. I knock. I hear come in. So I head in. I see the girl and her brother inside and I say ‘buddy said he’s coming early and said I should come over’. They are like ‘okay dude come in and sit down if you really want to’. I do. They are setting the table for dinner. With their parents. Going to have a nice family dinner and then clean up for the party. They ask me to join them. I say yes because at this point I’m totally I’m over my head. I eat with them, help with dishes, watch a little tv, soon they are all good to go, the parents head out and the night goes forward like nothing weird happened. Next Monday I’m butt of many many jokes but people forgot about soon enough.


5. Baby-Got-Books-1989 made a deep impression on someone.

Worked up the courage to ask a boy out. He reluctantly said sure. I then asked if he’d want my number so he could call me sometime. He again reluctantly said sure. I then proceeded to painfully carve my number into the back of his hand to the point of almost drawing blood because I was too embarrassed to ask for his pen because mine wasn’t working.

He never called.

Edit: to be clear, it was the pen I was using to inadvertently “carve” my number into his hand. Similar to how when you keep scribbling a pen on a piece of paper, trying to get it to work. Except in my nervousness I didn’t think about how it was his hand and not paper, until it was too late and I knew I had dug my grave.


6. briitanyy got rejected hardcore.

Surprisingly I didn't have many, but one from freshman year sticks out.

I was really good friends with this kid Andy. We had sort of a friend group but he and I were particularly close. Everyone used to ask all the time if we were a couple. I really liked Andy but he wanted to just be friends. Cool, no problem.

So it comes time for the Homecoming dance and I had talked to most people in my friend group about asking Andy. Everyone agreed it'd be fine because we're super close and he would obviously say yes. So after school one day I go meet this friend group where we normally met. At this point, I had truly, madly, deeply convinced myself that Andy would definitely say yes.

So I ask him in front of all of our friends if he wants to go with me. Andy just kinda shrugs and goes, "Nah." So I'm like, "Oh, aren't you going?" He confirms he's going. So I ask him if he is already going with someone. Nope. So finally I go, "Do you just not want to go with me?" And he's like, "Yeah, pretty much."

That one still crushes the soul a bit.


7. Nyder's aesthetic repelled his peers.

I wore a trench coat and a fedora all the time. Sometimes I wore headphones around my neck because I thought they made me look cool. I learned on the very last day of high school that they did not make me look cool when one of my friends said he only ate lunch with me because he thought I was going to become a school shooter and he didn’t want to die.

8. combustablegoeduck smacked someone with a sandwich.


I was eating an awesome sandwich. It was so filling tho. So I tossed it at the trash when I was done, but some random girl who probably has a very heated memory of this walked by and got sub smacked. I awkwardly laughed because it was unexpected. She probably thinks I did it on purpose.

9. sydbvicious's body betrayed him.

First day of high school Sophomore year.

English class first period with Mrs. C.

Amanda sat to my left. She is the younger sister of the junior I had a HUGE crush on and was close with.

0742. I had made it exactly 22 minutes into the day.

I leaned to my right and just vomited everywhere.

It splashed on Amanda’s legs and new converse. I was MORTIFIED. So I threw up again.

I climbed over the right side of the desk, looked at Mrs. C. And said, “I’m going to the nurse.” And she just blinked at me.

I didn’t live that down junior year, when Amanda sat to my right, in English class, second period.


10. rooshbaboosh made SIGNS like a badass.

Me and a few friends made some signs on A4 pieces of paper protesting against 9/11 and Al Qaeda and walked around campus showing them to people. I have no idea what the fuck our aim was. I don't know who we were supposed to be showing our anger to or what we were trying to prevent being that this was in response to 9/11. We just thought we were really cool and edgy because we dared to make signs.