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21 people share the dumbest things they've ever spent money on.

21 people share the dumbest things they've ever spent money on.


If you've ever spent your hard-earned cash on something ridiculous and useless, you are not alone.

A Reddit thread had people confessing their most embarrassing purchases, and they can't blame them all on Drunk Amazon Shopping. Places like Spencer's Gifts, museum gifts, and carnivals exist precisely because middle schoolers have interesting priorities.

Here are the hilariously specific answers—not the obvious ones like a wedding and a college degree.

1. "When I went on a school field trip to Washington DC back in middle school, I bought a $2 bill at a souvenir shop for $20. smh."


2. "A copy of Cory in the House for the Nintendo DS. Except fo 30 dollars. In 2019...."


3. "A 155 pack of condoms. A week after I had a vasectomy. Complete brain dead moment."


4. "Got drunk and started ordering Ninja gear off of Amazon and forgot about it until it showed up like a week later. Swords, nunchucks, a suit and mask."


5. "Shamwow. I mean, it's got 'sham' right there in the name. But I wanted to support Vince from Shamwow's crusade against Scientology."


6. "I was pretty high one night and bought a pool net handle (one of the 16 foot metal ones) in order to turn off the living room lights from the couch."


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