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15 people share their most embarrassing moments in the bedroom.

15 people share their most embarrassing moments in the bedroom.


Everybody loves embarrassing sex stories, that's why games like "Never Have I Ever" and 90% of all teen comedies exist.

People shared the most humiliating things that happened to them in the bedroom, and they're super fun to read (but not to live through). Beware of farts, dogs, and various fluids.

NSFW, obviously.

1. Not the ideal threesome.

Her little f*cking rat dog of a Chihuahua snuck in the room while we're f*cking and attacked me. You have no idea how fast a man can move when there is a set of tiny evil teeth coming at your junk. -asus_chaos

2. Oh sh*t.

We were in the middle of it when we BOTH got hit with horrible stomach aches. I was in the middle of asking him to stop when he abruptly bolted toward the (only) bathroom. Apparently, something we had eaten earlier that day was less than fresh! And, due to circumstances of the position we were in, I didn't get to the toilet first and had to wait in the fetal position until it became vacant.

It was not a good time.

BONUS STORY: I learned that I was allergic to latex in the worst possible way. Same partner, a couple of years prior to the poo-splosion experience. Ah, young love. -Apostrophe_T

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